Iris Character Names:
Rhygin (Gank Rogue)
Cian (Merchant-Vit Battleforger)
Harrier (Auto Blitz/Crit Hunter)
Cuchulainn (Swordie-Str/Hybrid Shield Knight)

I need:
Andre Cards
Spore Cards
Savage Card
Whisper Card
3 Slot Gladius
Slotted Shoes
Slotted Boots
Slotted Chainmail

I have:
Poporing Card
Poring Card
Earthworm The Dude (Picky Tame)
Dark Green Dyestuff
2 Carat Diamond
7xCrystal Blue
Green Live
Raccoon Doll
5xGift Box
3x4 Slot Pike
2x4 Slot Katana
+7 Triple Lucky Wolverine Cutter (Luk+3, Perfect Dodge+3, Crit+4, Atk+10), good weapon for a low level crit thief
4x4 Slot Rods
4x4 Slot Bows
Slotted Wooden Mail
8xSlotted Hood
3xSlotted Sandals
Kitty Band

Loki Character Names:
LughOLL (Str/Hybrid Shield Knight)
Cian of Eire (Mage-Hybrid Melee/Fire Wizard)
Sire Thopas (Swordie-GC Crusader)
Daigoro` (or something like that) (Perma-Novice)
Cuchullin (Merchant-Battleforger)
Fast-Moving Brick Wall (Swordie-Hybrid Tank Crusader)*
The Axewoman Cometh (Merchant-Str/Hybrid Battlesmith)*
Xmucane (Mage-Basic wizard build)*
Master Pick~Pocket (pure steal/gank rogue)*

Chaos Character Names:
Usagi_Yojimbo (Swordie-Crit Knight)
Jooseephroot (Merchant-Battleforger)
Mantrid (Acolyte-ME Priest)
some variation of Miroku (Acolyte-Asura Monk)
tHeSiN (with rotating caps) (Agi Assassin)
Xpiyacoc (Acolyte-Snap Monk build without the Snap)*
Sister Morphine (Acolyte-FS Priest)*

Sakray Character Names:
~Ogami Itto~ (Agi Knight)
~Mithrandir~ (Wizard)
Omerta (Crit Assassin)
Takasago Isaminosuke (Agi/Dex Hunter)
Cian of Tara (Pure Forge Blacksmith)
Ku-No-Ichi (Gank/Backstab Rogue)*
Goddess of Wind (Wind/Ice Mage-Wizard)*
Sister Streetfighter (Acolyte-Mental Strength Monk)*
Shiina Yuya (Acolyte-Vit Battle-ish Priestess)*
Emma Peel (Supernovice)*

*My second account is my mom's, so it's a female account, but I mostly play it.