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Klublife Magazine in association with REV has launched the 2006 DJ contest with the winner going to WMC in Miami, runner up has a chance at a remix for Hi-Bias and up to 20 DJs will win something for participating: Shure, Pioneer, Native Instruments, DJ & UDG have all come on board.

Register with the site to listen to DJ mixes and rate as many as you want, on a 1-to-5 scale. Be sure to listen to and rate mine (Da 1 Like Damaja).

02-24-2006: For sale:

Roland SP-808 Groove Sampler. Condition: Mint (actually as-new, except for a bit of dust). Has been used for about 3 hours total, in-studio only, and shows no signs of wear. Includes manual (well-thumbed-through, but intact), power cable, 3x100MB ZIP disks (2 never written) plus the system disk that came with it, containing presets and firmware. Price: $650 Canadian, plus shipping. Pics and info.

Sandisk 1.0GB SD (Secure Data) Card. Includes protective case. Condition: As new. Opened, inserted twice, never written to, handled properly. Price: $100 Canadian, plus shipping (which should be minimal).

If you are interested in either of these, Email me.

04-09-2005: Moved to a new host. The contact forms are down for the moment, but everything else should still work. I am parting amicably with my old host, Hypermart, which I still recommend as an excellent host for organizations needing low-cost commercial-grade web hosting with a good selection of services. I have moved to 1&1, which offers the services, hosting space, bandwidth, and consolidation features I need to take this site, and all my other sites, to the next level. I'm in the process of revamping this site, and the contact forms will be fixed at some point during this process.

03-01-2005: Added new audio links for most of the tracks on our releases page, as well as links to purchase the CDs through PayPal. Also made various other small changes.

01-09-2005: If you play Ragnarok Online, please check my iRO Trades List of items I need and items I have to trade for them, particularly if you play on the Iris server (I play on all servers, but need trades/items mostly on Iris). My character names are listed there as well if you wish to contact me in-game.

I've been neglecting this site for the past year or so, but I've made a New Years resolution to get back to work on it and my other site, as well as get back to work on my own music production and DJing, and spend less time playing Ragnarok Online.

03-21-2004: I've removed the now-dead links to MusicMatch, added a site search, and added some links to some sites where you can buy anime and other DVDs. I've also begun adding some movie reviews (which will be mainly anime) with links to purchase the DVDs, in the Movie Reviews and Recommendations Section.

11-17-2003: Menu fixed
I *finally* fixed the menu, so it should work in all recent graphical browsers now (Internet Explorer, Netscape 4.x/6/7, Mozilla, Konqueror, Opera, etc). I've also started improving accessibility--most of the pages on the site should now be accessible with text-only browsers like Lynx, as well as screen-readers for the visually impaired. There may still be some dead-ends however. If you encounter any problems with either of these improvements, please let me know. There are a load of mixes online now--check the DJ pages. More will be added in time, when revenues from the site allow me to pay for more space and traffic.

11-13-2002: Featured in the shop:

Pioneer CDJ1000 Digital Vinyl Turntable Pioneer CDJ1000 Digital Vinyl Turntable

The awesome Pioneer CDJ1000 CD player. The closest you can get to the feel of vinyl and still play CDs. Click the button below and buy a couple, only US$1079.99 each.


10-19-2002: We have a brand new site design, with new features, and easier navigation. Some pages are not yet available, but we're working on it. So have a look around with the menu at left, and let us know what you think. Be sure to visit our sponsors and our shops so that we can get mixes online for you to listen to.

Featured Artist

Check out my latest track, 3 Tall Stoners On A Bus Wearing Shorts In Winter, at

Featured DJ

Two new mixes up by DJ Silver1, an up-and-coming Happy Hardcore DJ from Toronto. A Hullabaloo resident for the past 3 years, he started making waves in Toronto's happy hardcore scene about the time I left Toronto, and has grown into one of the better hardcore DJs in the city. Check out his two mixes, Red and Blue.

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Last Hullabaloo Ever! Unfortunately, the tickets are already sold out, but be there if you possibly can. It's the end of an era, and your last chance to experience the incredible vibe of Hullabaloo.

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