DNE Productions provides free promotional services to artists of all kinds within the rave scene. Although our promotions are currently limited to DJs, PAs, 1 MC and 1 crew, we will also promote promoters, visual artists, dancers, lighting designers, and any other performers.

We make every effort to provide demonstrations of our clients' abilities, by means of online streaming audio (or video, as the case may be). We have limited resources though, and these materials are not always available. We are looking for hosting options for both streaming and downloadable promotional materials.

Our promotional service is free to performers. People who wish to book our performers should contact us. There is no charge for this, but we request a suggested donation of $20 to help us cover the costs of promotion. We also have promotional compilation CDs, containing a number of mixes in MP3 format, available for $20 each. There are 2 currently available, and one currently in production.