Help me ID these tracks. Email me if you know them.

1. BF002a (ragga jungle)
2. BF002b (ragga jungle)
Lyrics for the first 2 are both the same. It's a white label ragga jungle bizniz, probably from 94 or 95. I can only make out bits and pieces of the lyrics:
Gyangsta no ask no question
...Pon a mission

Ah you bettah run a
Ah you bettah jump a
Ah you bettah move afore gyangsta man pop off di rebel sing (?)

Search di whole world me a one of a kind

Someone call us a gyangsta

If a you a gyansta
Let me see di lighta

...rebel tell (kill?) dem

Gyangsta get wikkid
Seh gyansta a killa
...killa gyangsta

(... indicates bits I don't know)