The party herein referred to as the Artist and the party herein referred to as the Label Representative, agree, by signing this contract, to abide by all provisions contained within this contract, until such time as it is nullified by mutual agreement. This contract will adhere to applicable Canadian laws. Under Canadian Law, a verbal contract is considered legally binding. In the spirit of this, a contract negotiated through email will also be considered legally binding.

  1. This contract is to be non-exclusive, with the stipulation that all other contracts signed henceforth must also be non-exclusive, or must make exception with respect to this contract.
  2. On the distribution of revenues:
  3. Of all net profits:

    1. 25% will be paid to the artist.
    2. 25% will be paid to the label.
    3. 50% will be used to produce and promote the artist's material, of which 10% will be used for promotional purposes.
    4. The exception to this is in the case of compilations and pre-release promos, in which cases any and all revenues will be used as financing for the Label. Neither the Label Representative, nor the artist, will receive any portion of these revenues. However, in the distribution of usage of these revenues, preference will be given to the material of the artists involved.
  4. On promotion:
    1. The artist is encouraged, but not required, to promote his/her material in order to improve sales.
    2. The artist must agree to the use of his/her name, for promotional purposes, by the Label Representative or by the Label.
    3. The label agrees to furnish the artist with one copy, or more at the label's discretion, of all promotional materials directly related to the artist's material.
    4. Promotional distribution of the artist's material is at the discretion of the label, in consultation with the artist.

  5. It is the responsibility of the artist to supply the label with up-to-date information. The label cannot be held responsible for a failure to do so.
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