Demonseed and Nick-E Productions (now known as Dawn of a New Era Productions) was founded in the summer of 1996, in Toronto, Canada, as an effort to promote a rave showcasing local talent, and to shift the focus of the rave scene at the time away from money, and focus promotional efforts on the music, all music, and the inclusiveness traditionally characteristic of the rave scene. We wanted to focus equally, and to include equally in our rave, ambient, house, breaks, techno, trance, jungle, and hardcore.

For logistical reasons, our rave never happened, and we re-focused our efforts on promoting and developing up-and-coming artists. In this effort we continue as a record label and talent promotion service. As a label, we do not focus on a specific style of music (although we only deal with electronic music and dance music), but rather on new artists, providing a recognition of their talents, as well as established artists attempting to expand their musical horizons.

DNE Productions features artists from around the world, in a variety of musical styles. We are always seeking new talent, and offer a competitive profit-sharing non-exclusive contract.